Walter Cleaning Systems - Automated

Walter Cleaning Systems - Vessel Cleaning

Walter Gerätebau GmbH are experts in the manufacture of automated cleaning systems for a wide range of vessels, containers and operating equipment.

With an extensive selection of pump units and highly adaptable delivery systems, Walter installations are tailored to meet the exacting demands of individual client applications - providing exceptional cleaning results, which can be repeated time after time.  Pressure cleaning, foam cleaning and disinfection can all be achieved for maximum hygiene.

Many of Walter’s automated systems take advantage of the patented RD3 rotating cleaning head system. This intelligent, high quality system ensures cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. The movement of the RD3 rotary nozzles produce an exact spraying geometry to maximise surface coverage.

The automated cleaning video and food mixer cleaning video offer a real insight into what can be achieved with Walter systems. We’ve detailed a selection of our most popular solutions below to illustrate our range.

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