Fixed Cleaning Systems

Walter Fixed Cleaning Systems – Variable Pressure

Walter Gerätebau GmbH are renowned throughout Europe for manufacturing intelligent, high specification cleaning systems. Offering i) variable water pressure cleaning – up to 120 Bar, ii) low pressure foam cleaning – typically 7 Bar and iii) disinfection. All through a single system.

The systems are tailored to meet the exacting demands of individual client applications and provide exceptional levels of hygiene. Through the bespoke combination of variable water pressures and accurate dosing of cleaning agents, valuable efficiencies are achieved:

• Use less hot water: save energy, reduce effluent, save money

• Use fewer chemicals: optimise cleaning efficiency, save money

Walter systems are designed with the user in mind. Pressure cleaning, foaming and disinfection can all be controlled through a single lever, whilst maintaining individual dosing levels – allowing fast and efficient cleaning. Take a look at the video.

Fixed pump systems utilise satellite cleaning stations to maximise cleaning efficiency. Walter systems are scalable to your requirements, allowing simultaneous operation of up to 25 spraying facilities.

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