Guidelines For DetectaFlex Usage


DetectaFlex Testing

DetectaFlex is intended to be a last alert detection option. Although magnetic traps have proven effective in removing abraded pieces, we do not recommend magnetic retrieval as the primary method of protection. The removal of small pieces from the food stream should be done mechanically as a result of the detection signal generated from DetectaFlex products. By enabling metal detectors to see the tramp material, customers may physically deal with it. Our products are offered from the detection platform, not as an extraction program.

It is not possible to guarantee 100% detection rates. Magnetic detection equipment varies in sensitivity and operational parameters. It is advisable for customers to test detectability and make necessary adjustments with their own systems prior to full integration.


ProSpare makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, except that goods sold shall be of merchantable quality, free of manufacturing defect, and the buyer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of the goods, whether used singly or in combination with other products.

ProSpare does not warrant that goods are suitable for any particular application and it is the clients responsibility to ensure goods are suitable for the application for which they are used.


Clients reworking tpu should ensure work is carried out in a well ventilated area using trained staff and complies with all regulatory requirements.

Food contact

It is assumed that DetectaFlex will be in contact with foodstuffs for brief contact repeat use at room temperature -10°C to +40°C.


EC Regulation for 10/2011

The overall migration results for the material Detectaflex in this test study and also based on previous test studies indicates that the material is suitable for brief food contact at room temperature applications for all types of food except for foods with fatty substances on the surface and infant formula.

These lists are not intended to be fully comprehensive and are indicative only. For further details please contact our Sales Office.


The additives and raw materials ( excluding stabilisers ) which are used to manufacture are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations by FDA, Title 21 § 177.2600 “ Rubber Articles intended for repeated use “ in the latest version 01.04.2008.


All information provided may come via the material suppliers and is in good faith and believed to be accurate