Walter Combijector

Chemical Injectors

Walter cleaning systems deliver efficient and effective cleaning, consuming a minimum of water and chemicals. A large part of the efficiencies are derived through the use of the Walter chemical injectors.

Controlled pressure cleaning, foaming and disinfection through a single selection lever

Designed to make the cleaning process as simple as possible, changeover between cleaning stages is as simple as turning the lever and selecting the correct lance. Self-explanatory symbols on the injector units help avoid confusion for the user. Non-return valves prevent chemicals and water from entering the air line.

Separate, adjustable, dosing for 1 or 2 chemicals

Precise dosing control is imperative to maximise the efficient use of water and cleaning agents. This control also ensures continuously fine-porous foam. Walter chemical injectors allow separate dosing of one or two chemicals, each of which is continuously adjustable (from 0.5% to 12%) – minimising wastage of water and cleaning agents.

Available across the range or for retrofit applications

These robust and reliable units are available on all of the mobile and fixed cleaning systems offered by Walter. The injectors are also perfect for retrofitting into existing cleaning system to help reduce costs and vastly improve cleaning efficiency & performance. Walter chemical injectors are available in two variants:

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