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Monitor SiloPatrol SE

Progressive companies are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs and improve plant efficiency. One simple yet proven way to achieve both of these objectives is through better management of materials in storage silos. The SiloPatrol® SE cable-based continuous level monitoring system delivers these benefits by automating inventory control. Many companies use point level sensors, such as paddle switches, to let them know when the material in the silo is at predetermined levels. Point level solutions have low initial outlay, so how does one justify the cost of upgrading to a continuous level system?

A company in USA with 13 silos manufacturing pre-blended masonry products was looking for a  better way control inventory levels of their raw materials. The existing point level system was providing basic data, but reliability was an issue and the need for more information on which to base day to day decision making meant site staff regularly resorted to climbing the silo to do a “visual”.  Management were keen to identify a more cost-efficient and effective system to benefit  all levels of their operation. After considerable research they decided to install SiloPatrol® cable-based smart sensors on 6 of their silos, interfacing with SiloTrack inventory management software.

The new system provides site staff with automatic or on-demand readings of silo fill level in each silo. Accurate, timely management information now provides far better inventory control, enabling just in time re-order of raw materials, more control during silo filling to help prevent the downtime and clean-up costs of overfill, and also improves plant efficiency by reducing disruptions to production. Safety is improved as site personnel make far fewer trips up the silos. As the practical value of the continuous level measurement system became clear, site management purchased additional SMU’s for more of their silos and have commented that SiloPatrol is at the heart of their drive towards lean manufacturing.

Other features which have made SiloPatrol indispensable are: simplicity of installation (including wiring and set-up) for the sensor and the software, software which works with existing PC's, separate compartments to isolate electrical components from mechanical  operation to ensure reliablility and user friendly wiper and brush to clean the cable without having to cut the cable for servicing.

SiloPatrol is used in thousands of applications worldwide. It is designed to handle some of the harshest and most dynamic conditions imaginable. A wide range of sensor types and operator interfaces mean it can be applied successfully in a diverse range of industries and applications.

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