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BFM® fitting

Preventing dust leakage saves hundreds of hours cleaning

“We are ecstatic with the BFM installation.  We used to work in a very dusty environment but now the room is dust free which saves a huge amount of cleaning time.  We no longer have contamination issues as powder can’t build up between the sleeve and the clamp band.”

♦ The Challenge 
A leading milk powder plant was experiencing severe dust leakage and contamination from a vibratory bin discharger.  Injecting CO2 and nitrogen created pressure in the vessel, forcing powder through clamp bands securing the 900mm diameter connector and causing build up plus contamination in the lower 200mm diameter connector.

♦ Our Solution 
BFM® fitting

♦ Improvement 
Dust leakage eliminated
Contamination eliminated

♦ Key Features 
100% dust tight, no-tool snap-in connection
♦ Benefits   
Sanitary - dramatically improved hygiene
Safety - preventing dust leakage reduces risk of secondary explosion
Cleaning - hundreds of hours saved per year
Contamination - smooth internal bore, no ledges for build up
Downtime - replacement time reduced substantially 
Food safety - no jubilee clips, no tools, no small parts  

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