BFM Fitting

BFM® fitting

BFM® fitting is the world’s first snap-in flexible connector. This unique innovation is greatly improving powder handling processes worldwide. The patented BFM® system combines specially designed grooved spigots and a connecting sleeve with integral snap bands which, critically, locate internally within the spigots. This revolutionary design allows effortless "snap in" installation.

  • 100% dust tight seal, no leakage -  the "perfect" fit creates a guaranteed 100% dust tight seal preventing product escape to atmosphere.

  • New level of hygiene - eliminating product contamination and build up. The majority of the connector options are EC, USDA, 3-A certified and FDA approved.

  • Quicker & Safer maintenance - no-tool, snap-in installation reduces the risk of injury during replacement and maintenance time.   

  • Solves difficult connections - highly effective in vibratory and gyratory applications. Special models are also available, including blanking caps & sifters overs.  

See the full story in the BFM® fitting introductory video or visit the BFM website.

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